Bookmaker sure bets: real earnings or the path to blocking?

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Bookmaker sure bets: real earnings or the path to blocking?


Betting on sporting events has long attracted millions of people, offering a variety of strategies. Among them are sure bets, or arbitrage bets, which promise a fixed return regardless of the outcome of the match. These bets allow punters to bet on all outcomes and make a profit whatever of the result, based on the difference in odds offered by various bookmakers on the same event.

However, despite its apparent simplicity, arbitrage betting has a number of complexities. The purpose of this article is to understand how realistic it is to make money on sure bets, what pitfalls players can expect and how to avoid possible troubles. We will consider both the advantages of arbitrage betting and the countermeasures taken by bookies.

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What are Sure Bets?

Arbitrage betting is a tactic where a punter bets on all possible results of a sporting match with different bookies, taking advantage of the differing odds. This difference allows you to guarantee a win whatever the outcome of the match.. The principle of sure bets is based on mathematical calculations: if you correctly calculate the amounts of bets and choose the right odds, the final winnings will definitely exceed the costs. For example, if one bookmaker offers big odds on a team’s victory and another on its defeat, a player can make two bets and guarantee a profit.

Finding sure bets requires the use of special programmes or services that scan the odds of multiple bookmakers and identify arbitrage situations. Such bets may seem like an ideal way to make money, but in practice various difficulties arise. Bookmakers actively fight against arbitrageurs, applying various measures such as lowering betting limits or blocking accounts. Therefore, although sure bets offer the theoretical possibility of a stable income, their practical application requires the ability to circumvent restrictions. 


Arbitrage bets, or sure bets, attract attention due to a number of significant advantages. First of all, they allow you to get a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of a sporting event. Unlike traditional bets, where the result depends on luck and predictions, sure bets are based on mathematical calculations and the difference of odds at different bookies.

There are special programmes and online services that help to quickly find arbitrage situations. These tools significantly save the player’s time and effort. Many of these programmes can automate the search and calculation process, which makes arbitrage betting accessible even to novice players.

Let’s assume that in a match between teams A and B, bookmakers X and Y offer the following odds:

Bookmaker X: Victory of team A 2.10, Victory of team B 1.90

Bookmaker Y: Team A win 1.95, Team B win 2.05.

You can guarantee a win whatever the outcome of the match by spreading your bets correctly among these bookmakers.

Risks and challenges

Despite the obvious benefits, sure bets comes with a number of risks and challenges. One of the main difficulties is the need to react fast to changes in the odds. Bookies often adjust their bets, and if a bettor does not place all the necessary bets in time, they may find themselves at a loss. In addition, arbitrage situations can disappear as quickly as they appear, which requires constant monitoring and readiness for action.

Another major problem is the bookmakers’ attitude towards arbitrage betting. Many bookmakers actively fight arbitrage bettors using various methods such as lowering betting limits, freezing funds on accounts and blocking accounts altogether. This can lead to the loss of access to your earnings and the need to constantly search for new bookmakers. 

Tips for players

To succeed with sure betting, it is important to keep in mind a few key tips that will help minimise risks and increase the effectiveness of your strategy. First of all, use specialised software and services to search for sure bets. These tools allow you to easily find arbitrage opportunities, saving you time and effort. However, remember that such services may be paid, so evaluate their cost relative to the potential profit.

Another important tip is to create several accounts with different bookmakers. This will help you avoid attention from one particular office. However, when creating multiple accounts, be careful to follow the rules of each platform to avoid being blocked.

To minimise the chances of your account being blocked, try not to withdraw large amounts of money too often. Instead, withdraw small amounts regularly to avoid attracting undue attention. It is also a good idea to place regular bets together with arbitrage bets to disguise your activity and avoid looking suspicious in the eyes of bookies. 

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Arbitrage betting can be an attractive way to earn guaranteed profits, but it requires considerable knowledge, tools and caution. Success in this field depends on the player’s ability to adapt to changing conditions, careful attention to legal aspects and the ability to circumvent bookmakers’ countermeasures. To use arbitrage betting effectively, you not only need to know how to allocate bets between different bookies, but also be able to react quickly to changes in odds and betting conditions.

Having weighed up all the pros and cons, everyone must decide for themselves whether sure bets is worthwhile for them, taking into account the possible difficulties and the effort required. Despite the guaranteed profit, arbitrage betting requires constant monitoring and analysis of bookmaker odds, as well as readiness to make quick decisions. The player must be attentive to legal aspects and be aware of possible countermeasures by bookmakers, such as account restrictions or reduced betting limits. Thus, arbitrage betting can be a profitable strategy, but requires a careful approach and considerable resources.

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